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I'm Deborah Zoe, a New England based wedding & portrait photographer relishing life as a wife, mom and business owner! Grab your favorite drink & take some time to scroll through the fabulous weddings & portraits, meet some amazing couples & learn a little bit about me! I can't wait to connect!
Thursday, February 26, 2015   •   filed under For Photographers, Business
Meet Julie
arlier in January I announced the start of The Mentoring Sessions and my heart behind serving, encourgaging and empowering photographers and small business owners to take big risks and make things happen. It's been a step of faith, but the response has been amazing! This past week Julie and I kicked things off with the first session of the spring! We met over coffee and talked all things branding, shooting, marketing and more. It was amazing to see how far Julie has has come in her business already. Even more exciting to watch as she... View Full Post
Mentor Sessions with Deborah Zoe
Monday, February 23, 2015   •   filed under For Photographers
Stepping Out In The Direction Of Your Dreams
hen I first decided to make the leap to become full time wedding photographer I was scared. No, petrified. I was leaving all that I knew and all that I had worked SO hard for. I went to college and studied to become a news photographer. After school, I spent five years working nights and weekends, covering everything from floods to funerals, courtrooms to football. I won awards and accolades and over time the newsroom became my home. When I found myself giving my two weeks notice to leave my job and chase after my dream, I couldn’t believe it. What was I... View Full Post
Tips with DZP
Thursday, February 19, 2015   •   filed under Weddings, Wedding Love
Choosing a First Look or Traditional Reveal
elcome to Wedding Love, my blog series dedicated to all things Wedding Planning! I started this series almost five years ago (!!!) with the hope of inspiring the Bride to Be as she plans her wedding. Over the years I have shared my experiences as a Bride and Photographer in hopes of equipping Brides with insightful content and fun stories! When it comes to Wedding Planning, there are three areas that I am frequently asked about by my Brides : The Engagement Session, The First Look and the Family Formals, all of which I will talk more in... View Full Post
Wedding Love
Wednesday, February 18, 2015   •   filed under Personal
’ve always been shy if I’m out of my element. Put me in a room full of my friends, I’ll talk your ear off and crack jokes at a mile a minute. Put in me a room full of strangers and I’m more likely to be cowering in the corner hoping that no one talks to me. It’s a wonder that I have friends at all;). I’ve worked hard over the years to stiffen my fear of rejection and new situations, but make no mistake, it’s been hard work. When I got my first real job working as a news photographer I could hardly believe it. This was my... View Full Post
Rediscovering My Voice
Tuesday, February 17, 2015   •   filed under For Photographers, Business, Personal
Three Days of Learning, Growing & Connecting
uring the months of January - March I am often asked what I spend my time doing?! While I may not be shooting as much as I might say during April - October, I am still VERY busy. Emails, website revamps, file organization, office work, mentoring, it fills my days and keeps me on the go. But since the pace of business life is very diferent this time of year I'm also afforded opportunities that I simply would not be able to under take during the busy months of wedding season, like continuing education.  It has been a while since I've gone to a... View Full Post
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